2.6L Hose Diagrams

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Diagram #1. Shows the standard or regular Trooper, 2.6L, 1988 - 1991 (non CA version). Diagram01.jpg

Diagram #2. The hose layout for the CA Trooper, 2.6L, 1988 - 1991. Diagram02.jpg

Diagram #3. The ASM valve item 162 located on the bottom of the air plenum... provides for fast idle when cold. Image and part nos from myisuzuparts.com. REGULATOR ASM; AIR 8-94314-411-1 1 08-1987 and LATER, 4EZ1 engine.


Pic #1. The placard from under the hood, 1990 Isuzu Trooper, 2.6L, 49 state model.


Pic #2. General layout of engine bay.


Pic #3. Shows PCV, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Charcoal Canister, and Thermo Valve.


Pic #4. Charcoal canister against firewall (right side of truck).

(1 == capped)

(2 == vent hose from fuel tank)

(3 == vacuum line for actuator)

(4 == purge line to plenum)


Pic #5. Fast idle and Air Switching Valves on fender (right side of truck).


Pic #6. EGR valve and Back Pressure Transducer (top rear of plenum).


Pic #7. Air pump and Air switching valve (front left side of engine).


Pic #8. Under side of intake manifold, showing Thermo sensors and Auxiliary Air Valve. (1 == some other temp sensor?) (2 == temp sensor for dash guage) (3 == temp sensor f0r ECU / ECM) (4 == auxiliary air valve -provides fast idle when cold) Pic08.jpg

Pic #9. Under side of intake manifold (top rear of plenum).


Pic #10. CA version has an additional vacuum control valve controlling BPT. (top rear of plenum).


Pic #11. Location of the TPS (throttle position sensor) A -is the adjustment screw. B - is the electrical connector.


More 2.6L hose diagrams from the forum (from MarkB.NV):

1162380114 3V2GG-O.jpg

A. hose to T-splitter B. hose to blue Thermal Vacuum Valve C. connects to other hose to blue Thermal Vacuum Valve (and far end to BPT) D. connects to hose from bottom of Aux Air Regulator (cold idle air valve) E. (behind hose) connects to purge hose from charcoal canister F. connects to hose from top of Aux Air Regulator (cold idle air valve)

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